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Become a Southbeats Ambassador and sell tickets to earn free tickets, VIP upgrades and other rewards such as backstage passes and drinks tokens!

1 free ticket earned for every 8 sold
  • Sell 8 Tickets
    1 free ticket
  • Sell 12 Tickets
    Free lanyard programme
  • Sell 16 Tickets
    2 free tickets
  • Sell 20 Tickets
    £20 drinks token
  • Sell 24 Tickets
    3 free tickets
  • Sell 28 Tickets
    Extra £20 drinks token
  • Sell 32 Tickets
    All 4 tickets upgraded to VIP
  • Sell 36 Tickets
    Backstage tour with a friend
  • Sell 40 Tickets
    All 5 tickets upgraded to VIP

To sign up, please message the Southbeats Festival Facebook page with 'I want to be a Southbeats Ambassador' and we will get back to you with more details!

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